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(5.5MP & PIR Detection) 2-Way Audio Dual Antennas Security Wireless Camera System 3K 5.0MP 1944P Wireless Video Surveillance Monitor NVR Kits Outdoor WiFi Security Cameras

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(5.5MP & PIR Detection) 2-Way Audio Dual Antennas Security Wireless Camera System 3K 5.0MP 1944P Wireless Video Surveillance Monitor NVR Kits Outdoor WiFi Security Cameras

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About This Product

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About this item

  • {2-Way Audio}
    You can keep in touch with your family when you miss them and want to talk to them anywhere and anytime. This security camera supports multiple users(up to 4) to view streaming video simultaneously. You can remotely live view or chat by high-quality two-way audio via APP. Just download the free Eseecloud APP from APP Store (IOS) or Playstore (Android) on smart-phone.
  • {130° Ultra Wide-Angle Lens Equipped}
    Optical wide-angle lens with multi-layer lens, provides you about 130° wide viewing angle and reduces dead ends of surveillance areas.
  • {Dual Antennas to Enhance WiFi}
    The wireless signal is very important for this system. If the wireless signal is weak, the video will be blurred/stalled/disappeared, so we will update all cameras to real dual antennas. The wireless distance will be updated by about 55%, and the video will be even better. Smooth and clear.
  • {3K 5.0MP High Definition}
    The 5.0 Mega Pixel (2592 x 1944) High Definition security camera ensures the more safety of people and homes for 24/7 hours. Everything within 80 feet can be seen even at night. It is equipped with an IR-LED system, automatically activates the infrared mode in low lighting conditions.
  • {Free APP No Month Fee}
    Download the free app "Honestview" from App Store on your smartphone. With an internet connection, you can watch the videos remotely from anywhere on your phone (IOS&Android), PCs, or tablet

2 Antenna Strong Wireless Signal

Dual-antenna video transmission distance extended by 55%

We upgrade all cameras to dual antennas so that 55% more areas can be covered by wireless signal. With more stable and stronger wireless signal, cameras videos will be more constant and clearer.

2-Way Audio

All cameras are equipped with waterproof microphones and speakers. Audio within a range around 30 feet can be recorded with videos at the same time. The microphones and speakers are designed with noise cancellation feature to provide the best possibility of short conversation.

130° Ultra Wide-Angle Lens Equipped

Optical wide-angle lens with multi-layer lens, provides you about 130° wide viewing angle and reduces dead ends of surveillance areas.

5.0 Megapixel Wireless NVR Record System

  • 5.0 megapixel wireless NVR recording system. Support 2K, 5-pixel, 3-pixel, 2-pixel camera mixed input. Cameras of lower resolution can be added into this system.

Wireless and Wire Transmission

  • Cameras work both wireless and hard wired transmission. When necessary, cameras can be plugged into NVR by CAT5/6 RJ45 Ethernet cable, and camera signal will be automatically transmitted through ethernet cable. But this system DOESN NOT SUPPORT POE function.
Advanced AI Human Detected Technology

Cameras are upgraded with the most advanced AI humanoid computing technology, which can effectively recognize people and animals in surveillance area. Red frames will mark human beings showing in surveillance area, meanwhile camera system will send emails or APP notifications of the situation 40% faster video processing

NEW H.265+ Video Compression Technology

The NVR uses the latest 2023 H.265+ compression technology, the compression ratio is doubled compared to the H.264 compression technology, and the video and audio quality is greatly improved, more details will be included in the playback.

Real IP66 Waterproof/Dust proof

Cameras are made of durable metals, which allows cameras to work in harsh environment. Cameras will work 24/7 in any weather conditions.

What's in the box

  • 10-Channel 5.0MP Wireless NVR  X 1
  • 5.0MP PIR Wireless Security Camera X 6
  • Antenna for Camera X 12
  • 10FT Cable Power Supply for Camera X 6
  • 3FT Cable Power Supply for NVR X 1

Customer Questions & Answers

Question:Why does this app need permission to rape my info ? It says up pro needs to access everything on my phone ?
Answer:I would have to say it need those permissions to send text, push notification, emails, etc. I have done alot of research and these cameras are not on the watch list. The app is not on the watch list as far as I have found. They encrypt all data dealing with audio n video feed which is a plus from 80% of other systems amazon sells.
Xmeye app is one of the worst to use. There is extensive reports of security problems with app and Chinese company who makes the cameras.
There has been NO reported problem with this system or setup as far as I can see.

Question:I do not have wifi. Can this camera still work without wifi?
Answer:Without WiFi you won’t be able to monitor the cameras remotely through a smart phone device. But you would be able to set up through a monitor/TV.

Question:Se puede usar sin conectar a una pantalla??

Question:what is the motion detection range?
Answer:60-75 ft distance it's very good detection. My compound is 75×100ft

Warranty & Customer Service

Email: (reply in 24 hours.)

Phone: +1 (352) 900-4656 (Eastern time Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm)

US Location Service, Warranty for 1 Year from Date of Purchase, 30 Days Return Free.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 201 reviews
Useless assistance, problems on management software

Purchased the kit featuring four 360° pan tilt cameras and installed them accordingly. Currently, I'm in the process of familiarizing myself with their operation, as I've encountered what I believe are mistranslated commands that require testing and interpretation.

While the cameras and NVR offer excellent value for money, the functionalities within the aim system leave much to be desired. Initially, during the first phase of tracking a person, they perform adequately. However, upon returning to their initial positions, a recurring defect emerges—they fail to revert to their usual points. Despite numerous attempts to rectify this issue, the outcome remains consistent. Consequently, I've resorted to utilizing them with fixed positioning.

Exploring features like position memorization and cyclical surveillance yields no improvement, as the same flaw persists. Contacting support in hopes of finding a solution proved fruitless, as my inquiries were left unanswered. Even sharing video evidence of the issue through WhatsApp failed to garner any attention.

In conclusion, while the product itself is of decent quality, it suffers from significant operational issues concerning the advertised active tracking and surveillance functions. Presently, I'm utilizing them as fixed cameras while deliberating whether to return them.

An expensive toy, that does not perform protective functions

Initially, the impression of this surveillance system was positive and well-executed. However, with continued use, significant problems and malfunctions became apparent. One of the most frustrating issues is that even after enabling human detection to minimize unnecessary alerts, the system triggers alerts only 1-2 times out of ten when a person enters the monitored zone. Instead, it consistently detects and alerts for cats and dogs, despite sensitivity settings being adjusted specifically for human detection and set to the lowest level. Additionally, the system frequently triggers false alerts due to factors such as wind movement, shadows from passing clouds, and even the slightest movements in the environment.

Another major issue is the recurring loss of set monitoring points by the surveillance cameras, requiring frequent resetting. This poses a significant problem, especially when away on vacation, as the inability to re-mark the set points remotely leads to numerous false triggers and disturbances.

Furthermore, the infrared tracking and object tracking modes fail to function properly at night, rendering human facial features invisible. Moreover, during heavy fog or rain at night, all monitoring points are lost one by one.

In summary, while the surveillance cameras offer good picture quality, they fail to effectively fulfill their protective function. Instead, they seem more adept at monitoring cats and other animals rather than recognizing human presence. Consequently, I consider this system to be an expensive toy that falls short of its intended purpose. I do not recommend it, as it ultimately proves to be a waste of money.

Only works with WiFi and an extra screen

Unfortunately, the system proves to be impractical unless you purchase an additional screen and have internal Wi-Fi. I initially intended to set it up using my iMac, but encountered a roadblock due to the NVR cable requirement, which my iMac lacks the input for. Additionally, we rely on iPhone hotspot for internet access, leaving us without extra Wi-Fi. Consequently, the system doesn't seem to be compatible with our setup.

Even attempting to use a router as an internal network connection without internet proved futile, as the system remained unconnectable. Notably, the app was also non-functional in this scenario. We resorted to purchasing an extra monitor to make the system operational, only to encounter further issues. Despite setting the cameras to the desired positions, they often inexplicably adjust themselves, with three out of four cameras rotating away from their intended monitoring areas overnight. This undermines the system's effectiveness for reliable monitoring purposes, as constant manual adjustments are necessary. While it may serve as a deterrent, its efficacy in effective surveillance is questionable.

dose not work

This CCTV system is suitable for indoor use when wired, but the solar panels don't charge the battery quickly enough, resulting in less than a day's worth of battery life. When it comes to outdoor use, they are simply ineffective. Despite having full WiFi coverage in the garden of my hotel, I was unable to connect to them, rendering them useless for outdoor surveillance.

Poor signal

I positioned the solar cameras approximately 5 meters from the base station, with cam 4 being the furthest. Unfortunately, cam 4 receives the weakest signal, rendering it practically immovable, and I can't even adjust its direction properly. Despite reaching out for assistance, it appears to be non-existent. Furthermore, I've downloaded the app on both my smartphone and my wife's, yet we haven't received any notifications. It's disappointing, considering the excellent resolution of the cameras.


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