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About OOSSXX Security

OOSSXX is a global registered trademark. which was established in 1999. We focus on small surveillance systems with less than 10 cameras, mainly providing state-of-the-art camera surveillance products for homes, shops, offices, and other places.

The Indispensable World of Lenses

A lens, in the world of surveillance cameras, stands as the very essence of visual perception, akin to the eyes of the system. It’s in the lens that the magic of adaptation to varied monitoring environments and demands unfolds. Take, for instance, indoor scenarios necessitating pristine clarity and a sweeping field of view. This is the realm of wide-angle lenses, capturing images with precision and expansiveness. Now, pivot to the great outdoors, to parking lots teeming with vehicles. Here, the lens must deftly balance between a panoramic overview of the lot and the intricate details of each vehicle's contours. It’s the confluence of wide-angle and zoom lenses that manifests this seamless dance. Venture further to border control and coastal surveillance—enter the stage the ultra-long-range image capturing lens.


**1. Crucial Lens Parameters**


**Focal Length (f):** Imagine the focal length as the bridge between lens and photosensitive element. Manipulating this bridge yields an orchestra of magnification, shifting the size of the captured image. When objects loom far on the horizon, the formula beckons: Magnification Factor ≈ Focal Length / Object Distance. Enlarge the focal length, and the magnification factor swells, telescoping distant scenes and clarifying remote nuances. Now, decrease the focal length, and the magnification factor shrinks, casting a wider net over the scene, encompassing more in the frame.


**Field of View (FOV):** In the grand tapestry of practicality, the horizontal field of view takes the lead role in framing the image’s dimensions. Should the focal length scale great heights, the field of view draws close, with an image area forming on the photosensitive element. Scale back the focal length, and the field of view expands, stretching its arms over a larger image area on the photosensitive element.


**Aperture:** Nestled at the lens’s core, the aperture navigates the ebb and flow of light. Wider apertures usher in the light, unleashing a flood of image clarity. Dial it down, and light's ingress is controlled, potentially ushering in subtler image clarity. The F-number steps in to quantify this dance. F = Focal Length (f) / Aperture Diameter. In the pages of camera specifications, you’ll often encounter numerals like 6mm/F1.4. This symphony translates to a focal length of 6mm and an aperture of 1.4, morphing into an aperture diameter of 4.29mm. Hold the focal length constant, and as the F-number drops, the aperture yawns wider, welcoming more light onto the CCD sensor's stage, an encore for lens excellence.


**2. The Kaleidoscope of Lens Classification**


**Based on Angle of View:**


**Based on Aperture:**


At OOSSXX, we are alive to the notion that lens selection is more than a mere choice—it's a bridge to optimal results. Our portfolio speaks volumes—ranging from high-definition home security camera systems at 1080p, offering wire-free security cameras, to the realm of cloud-based security systems. Nestled within is the realm of wireless closed-circuit cameras and the precision of the 2-camera NVR. Our lineup thrives on the promise of surveillance, with a variety that transcends to security cameras indoor/outdoor, wireless marvels with night vision capabilities. Amidst this tapestry of innovation, we usher you into a world of surveillance that marries technological prowess with security enlightenment. Welcome to OOSSXX—where your safety meets innovation.

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