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About OOSSXX Security

OOSSXX is a global registered trademark. which was established in 1999. We focus on small surveillance systems with less than 10 cameras, mainly providing state-of-the-art camera surveillance products for homes, shops, offices, and other places.

Enhanced Visibility with OOSSXX's High-Performance Surveillance Camera Systems


When it comes to ensuring security and peace of mind, businesses and homeowners alike rely on advanced surveillance camera systems. As a leading brand in the industry, OOSSXX takes pride in offering a wide range of cutting-edge products to meet diverse surveillance needs. In this article, we will explore the key features of OOSSXX's POE Security Camera Systems and shed light on their impressive visual range capabilities.

Visual Range of OOSSXX POE Security Camera Systems

Infrared Cameras with 3.66mm Specifications:
OOSSXX's infrared cameras with 3.66mm specifications offer exceptional visibility, with a visual range extending up to 40 meters. These cameras are perfect for monitoring areas within a relatively close proximity, such as entrances, small office spaces, or residential properties.

Narrow-Angle Lens Cameras with 6mm or above Specifications:
For areas that require more focused surveillance, OOSSXX's narrow-angle lens cameras come with 6mm or above specifications, providing a visual range of approximately 100 meters. These cameras are ideal for observing specific zones like parking lots, hallways, or outdoor storage areas.

Long-Range Cameras with 25mm Specifications:
OOSSXX offers long-range cameras equipped with 25mm specifications, offering an impressive visual range of around 150 meters. These cameras are perfect for securing large outdoor spaces, such as expansive parking lots, construction sites, or agricultural areas.

High-Speed Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Cameras:
For scenarios that demand dynamic and versatile surveillance, OOSSXX's high-speed PTZ cameras offer unparalleled visibility, with a visual range of approximately 300 meters. These cameras can quickly pan, tilt, and zoom to cover vast areas, making them ideal for large-scale facilities like warehouses, industrial sites, or public spaces.

Why Choose OOSSXX's Security Camera Systems?

High-Resolution and 4K Capabilities:
OOSSXX's security camera systems feature high-resolution and 4K capabilities, ensuring crystal-clear images and videos. This level of clarity is crucial for identifying and capturing fine details, making them suitable for forensic analysis and evidence collection.

Power over Ethernet (POE) Technology:
Our POE camera systems eliminate the need for separate power cables, simplifying installation and reducing overall costs. With POE, both power and data can be transmitted over a single Ethernet cable, offering a more efficient and reliable solution.

Comprehensive Surveillance Coverage:
From single-camera setups to complex multi-camera systems, OOSSXX provides complete surveillance solutions tailored to the specific needs of businesses and homeowners. Customers can choose from a wide selection of cameras and NVR security systems to create a customized setup that fits their requirements.


As a leading brand in the surveillance industry, OOSSXX continues to redefine security with its innovative POE Security Camera Systems. With exceptional visual range capabilities, high-resolution features, and the convenience of POE technology, customers can trust OOSSXX to safeguard their properties effectively. Whether it's for businesses or residential use, OOSSXX's comprehensive surveillance solutions offer peace of mind and unwavering protection. Invest in the latest technology from OOSSXX, and experience a new level of security today.

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