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About OOSSXX Security

OOSSXX is a global registered trademark. which was established in 1999. We focus on small surveillance systems with less than 10 cameras, mainly providing state-of-the-art camera surveillance products for homes, shops, offices, and other places.

Discovering the Power and Efficiency of POE Surveillance Cameras for Your Security Needs

Introduction: POE (Power over Ethernet) surveillance cameras have revolutionized the way we approach security systems. In this article, we will delve into the features and benefits of POE cameras from the perspective of OOSSXX Surveillance, a leading brand in the industry.


Understanding POE Surveillance Cameras POE surveillance cameras are a type of wired Ethernet local area network technology. With POE, each device can receive the necessary power through the data cable itself, eliminating the need for additional power cables. This innovative approach significantly reduces the number of wires required for network installations.



How to Connect POE Cameras Connecting POE cameras is a breeze with the power-over-Ethernet setup. By using a single network cable, you can transmit both data and power to the camera, eliminating the need for separate power cables. Simply connect the camera to a POE switch, and the NVR (Network Video Recorder) can be connected to either the POE switch or the router. With a seamless setup, you can easily search and add devices for optimal functionality.



Considerations for POE Power Supply When it comes to POE power supply, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:


  1. a) POE switches have power limitations. The 802.3af standard provides output power of less than 15.4W, while the 802.3at standard offers output power of less than 30W. For most IP cameras, the power output of standard POE switches is sufficient. However, certain dome cameras may require higher power outputs.


  1. b) To ensure a secure and reliable power supply, it is advisable to use standard POE switches. These switches are equipped with POE control chips that perform a pre-powering detection, ensuring compatibility with POE-enabled cameras. Cameras that support POE will be powered, while non-POE cameras will not receive power, safeguarding the devices from potential damage. Non-standard POE switches, on the other hand, forcefully supply power, which can lead to equipment damage.


  1. c) For standard POE power supply, regular Category 5 network cables are suitable for distances within 100 meters. However, for distances between 100 and 180 meters, it is recommended to use enhanced Category 5 or Category 6 cables.



Stability of POE Camera Power Supply POE power supply involves transmitting power through twisted-pair network cables and is ideal for video devices within short distances. It is important to note that the stability of POE power supply depends on the specific camera and its power requirements. OOSSXX Surveillance provides a range of POE security cameras designed for reliable and efficient power supply, ensuring stable performance and uninterrupted 24/7 recording capabilities.


Conclusion: In summary, POE surveillance cameras offer a powerful and efficient solution for your security needs. With features like hardwired connectivity, outdoor suitability, and continuous recording capabilities, a wired POE camera system, such as the ones offered by OOSSXX Surveillance, is an excellent choice for robust and reliable security systems. Invest in the best wired security camera system for peace of mind and enhanced protection for your home or business.

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